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Landa can write a personalised story for your child, simply e-mail Landa with a description of your child's personality, the main challenges they are facing and the things they love most and attach a recent picture. You will then receive a fully illustrated story to help your child to regain balance and find their inner resources This is a nourishing, unique and affirming gift to offer any child.

To purchase a personalied story send your e-mail to Landa. You will be sent a PayPal invoice for £100/$100/Euros100 (depending on your location) and will usually receive your story within 4 weeks. Landa will contact you if any further information or clarification is needed.

We would love to hear from you with any themes you would like to see in future stories and to see any pictures that your child draws in response to the stories. We will be building a gallery on the website of children's pictures. All those sending an e-mail with pictures and ideas will be placed in a draw in November each year to win a personalised story for a child of your choice in time for Christmas.
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Landa Ananda Love has written a book to teach the chakras to children utilising magical characters called the Rainbow Children. The book explains chakras for kids. The philosophy behind the book is one that teaches children about the chakras through magical moving stories, using images, movement, music and song. This interactive book will help children to learn about chakras and introduce them to the healing elements of understanding their bodies and emotions using the chakra system. It is an excellent book for adults and for teaching chakras for beginners. It is a perfect resource for those who would like to teach chakradance and chakra yoga to children and adults. If you want chakras explained, and to understand chakras and their meaning, chakras colours and how to teach chakras for kids, this is the book for you. The book is an excellent tool for inner child work and inner child healing and for those working with inner child therapy. Landa Ananda Love’s chakra teacher training is a journey of transformation and inner child healing, within the training you learn to teach chakra dance and basic chakra yoga and chakra meditation and then how to translate this into teaching a variety of different audiences including children and adults. You will receive two qualifications Rainbow Motion and Rainbow Children, both accredited by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies. This work is highly influenced by Anodea Judith’s work on the integration of the chakra system with Jungian Psychology and therapy – Eastern Body, Western Mind. You can download the chakra e-book for children and the chakra music for children at Andodea Judith site - Sacred Centers – – direct page link =

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