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Originally classically trained, Christoffer’s musicianship encompasses technical ability and uplifting purity of sound. He has the touch of music magician, able to capture and communicate the energy and essence of his subject matter, inspiring the aural imagination with wordless tales of enchantment.

Project Advisor, music composer and Teacher Trainer, Christopher de Graal BMUS (PERF), MPNLP, MAC is a uniquely inspiring musician, composer and workshop leader. With a comprehensive background working with children, teachers, parents and carers, his experience has been honed over 25 years, leading workshops and facilitating young people’s experience of music and movement. His extensive CV includes work as composer, musician and workshop leader for a dance theatre company. He has run numerous sessions at schools throughout the UK, including a year-long residency in special needs education which included training participating teachers. Christoffer has also worked as an advisor for social services after school projects, and his work with the Royal School for the Deaf was later integrated into the school’s curriculum. He has run regular workshops for children and their accompanying adults. Christoffer teaches improvisational music and movement with children on the teacher training course.

Christoffer has studied teaching skills, undertaken an Arts Council course in Arts in Education, and is skilled in verbal and non-verbal communication. He is a trained Neurolinguistic Programming and Metaphor Work Coach, and is a Partner Artist for arts agencies Shape London, DASI (Devon Artist in Schools Initiative) and SPAEDA (Somerset Partnership for Arts Education). Christoffer is a Churchill Fellow and won a Millennium Awards Fellowship for Active Citizenship in the Community for his work on the transformational work of music to build community.

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Project Advisor and Teacher Trainer, Paula Mayura has been teaching Yoga with a passion since 2001, exploring holistic well-being through Hatha Yoga and Meditation with a focus on energy flow through the Chakras. Paula now runs her own (IYN registered) Yoga School, offering Teacher Training and Foundation Courses and also the Yoga Module within the Chakra Dancing Teacher Training.

Paula tells us "My teaching style is subtle and finely detailed. Focusing on developing awareness of the interrelationship of mind, body and spirit experientially. Through asana, pranayama, philosophy and meditation finding balance and enhancing energy towards a true sense of well-being".

Paula offers 'dance in yoga' and 'yoga in dance' modules both on the teacher training and as CPD days.

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Landa Ananda Love has written a book to teach the chakras to children utilising magical characters called the Rainbow Children. The book explains chakras for kids. The philosophy behind the book is one that teaches children about the chakras through magical moving stories, using images, movement, music and song. This interactive book will help children to learn about chakras and introduce them to the healing elements of understanding their bodies and emotions using the chakra system. It is an excellent book for adults and for teaching chakras for beginners. It is a perfect resource for those who would like to teach chakradance and chakra yoga to children and adults. If you want chakras explained, and to understand chakras and their meaning, chakras colours and how to teach chakras for kids, this is the book for you. The book is an excellent tool for inner child work and inner child healing and for those working with inner child therapy. Landa Ananda Love’s chakra teacher training is a journey of transformation and inner child healing, within the training you learn to teach chakra dance and basic chakra yoga and chakra meditation and then how to translate this into teaching a variety of different audiences including children and adults. You will receive two qualifications Rainbow Motion and Rainbow Children, both accredited by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies. This work is highly influenced by Anodea Judith’s work on the integration of the chakra system with Jungian Psychology and therapy – Eastern Body, Western Mind. You can download the chakra e-book for children and the chakra music for children at Andodea Judith site - Sacred Centers – – direct page link =

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