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Founder, Author and Teacher Trainer, Landa Ananda Love MSc, DipM, DipCD, YRT(500), YRS(200/500/1000), DipHypCS, LHS, ATH is a life coach, bodymind therapist and teacher of yoga, meditation, dance, and practical philosophy. Her journey has led her through an exploration of eastern and western coaching, wisdom and movement practices to a destination of presence, connection, peace and aliveness. Landa lives in Devon with her two children, Oscar and Jonah. Landa is the principal teacher for the teacher training course and offers one-to-one sessions both during and post training.

Landa is a REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) Level III instructor, is registered as a yoga school with the IYN (RYS 200/500/100). She is a member of the IYN (Independent Yoga Network) RYT500 and a member and approved training provider with the IICT (Internationl Association of Complimentary Therapists) (

Project Advisor, song writer, composer and Teacher Trainer, Gavin Frank is a Voice Facilitator, Singer and Musician. His background stems from choirboy to BA-Hons Music Degree through to Naked Voice training. He has 12 yrs voice experience; empowering people to express the full resonance and depth of their own voice. Gavin performs and records in the duo Madrum. Gavin teaches voicework and singing with children on the teacher training course. (

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Landa Ananda Love has written a book to teach the chakras to children utilising magical characters called the Rainbow Children. The book explains chakras for kids. The philosophy behind the book is one that teaches children about the chakras through magical moving stories, using images, movement, music and song. This interactive book will help children to learn about chakras and introduce them to the healing elements of understanding their bodies and emotions using the chakra system. It is an excellent book for adults and for teaching chakras for beginners. It is a perfect resource for those who would like to teach chakradance and chakra yoga to children and adults. If you want chakras explained, and to understand chakras and their meaning, chakras colours and how to teach chakras for kids, this is the book for you. The book is an excellent tool for inner child work and inner child healing and for those working with inner child therapy. Landa Ananda Love’s chakra teacher training is a journey of transformation and inner child healing, within the training you learn to teach chakra dance and basic chakra yoga and chakra meditation and then how to translate this into teaching a variety of different audiences including children and adults. You will receive two qualifications Rainbow Motion and Rainbow Children, both accredited by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies. This work is highly influenced by Anodea Judith’s work on the integration of the chakra system with Jungian Psychology and therapy – Eastern Body, Western Mind. You can download the chakra e-book for children and the chakra music for children at Andodea Judith site - Sacred Centers – – direct page link =

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